Romicon Revola

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Romicon Revola, or Romi, is a contemporary visual artist based in Bangalore. A trained sculpture who has experimented with a variety of media, her wide catalogue of work encompasses monumental public sculptures, installation, painting and video.

“My work often explores that mysterious, elusive space that lies between the utopian and the dystopian. While suggesting both an intimacy and a monumentality, my approach reflects the paradigm “the personal is the global”. I believe that each one of us is a microcosm of the universe,” explains the artist.

Her recent body of work, Cosmic Bloom: Iconography for a Reimagined World Order, seeks to explore new archetypes, reviving forgotten mythologies as a response to the several interconnected and tangential issues surrounding sustainability, consumption, geology and ecology. She references subtle dichotomies while alluding to the power of empathy, resilience and nurture. This series is a thematic continuation of her two earlier bodies of work: The Golden Bough and Future Fossils.

Since 2005, Revola has installed public sculptures and has held numerous exhibitions in Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkatta, Kochi, Ahmedabad and Mumbai. Her work has been included in various private collections, both in India and abroad. She is also involved in several art initiatives and community art programs, in support of budding artists around the country.