Rohaan Sulaiman

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Rohaan’s an explorer by choice and photographer by chance. A fascination for different cultures and the wilderness led him to travel the world. He uses photography as a means of capturing and documenting his love for adventure and the unknown. Being self-taught; his photographic journey began in his childhood with encouragement from his father and he has nurtured his technical skill and artistic eye by constantly learning and experimenting.

He is particularly skilled at capturing wildlife and portraits that help the viewer connect with the subject. Most of the things we see and encounter nowadays are artificial, fabricated, manipulated and dramatized with certain intentions we may or may not be aware of – Rohaan believes in presenting his craft with no editing; he has mastered the art of creating vibrant and colourful photographs without going too heavy on contrast or saturation. His work is presented in all its natural and raw glory making it relatable.

The works on display here are in two parts – an amalgamation of Rohaan’s travels to land of the Naga’s to delve deeper into their socio-cultural nuances and idiosyncrasies and; exploration of The Indian and African wilderness focusing on migration, habitats and conservation.