Parvati Nayar

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A contemporary visual artist who has set up her studio in Chennai, after living, painting and working in cities such as Singapore, London and Jakarta. She plays an active role in, and is deeply committed to supporting, the emerging renaissance of the contemporary in Chennai. She is best known for her videos and her complex drawing practices; and also engages with sculpture, painting and photography.

Founder and member of art collective – The Hashtag#Collective, she has showcased her works the world over, receiving awards over the years, from the Cecil Collins Drawing Award (London 2004), to The Victor Segalan Prix Special du Jury From The Victor Segalan Foundation (Huelgoat, Brittany, France 2016) and the Award for Contemporary Visual Art at The Global Malayalee Forum organised by Amma, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia 2015) amongst others.