Ganesh Selvaraj

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Ganesh Selvaraj is a highly talented and reflective emerging artist from Chennai, with an eye for introspection in his pieces. Interested in the fundamentals of creation, Selveraj’s work delves deeply into the process of being and of making. His artworks are conceptual in nature while suggesting essential forms, or in some cases voids, evoking a meditative calm regarding the fundamentals of human existence. His latest works encourage further contemplation on how we perceive our own experiences of the world around us.

Selvaraj has graduated with Bachelors and Masters degree in Fine Arts from Chennai, and a degree in Printmaking from the Edinburgh Printmaker Studio, UK. A recipient of numerous art awards and grants, he was honoured with the Charles Wallace India Fellowship and the Asia Pacific International Art Award, Seoul. Over the years, Selveraj has developed a strong reputation in the art circuit, and has participated in over 35 Group and Solo art exhibitions around the world. His works can be found in many public and private collections, both in India and abroad.