Art Bengaluru is one of South India’s leading festivals of the arts. Over the last 7 editions, we’ve endeavoured to raise appreciation and awareness of the arts in all its forms –– from painting, sculpture, installations and photography, to music, dance and other performing art forms.

From showcasing established global and local artists, to serving as a platform for emerging artists and galleries from around the world, Art Bengaluru has always inspired. And this year, we’re looking to up the ante.

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When ?

2nd – 30th November 2019
11:00 AM to 08:00 PM

Where ?

UB CITY, #24, Vittal Mallya Road, Bangalore – 560 001
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Artists / Exhibitors

Afra Khan

Afra Naushad Ali Khan is an electronic music producer and DJ with an acquired passion for digitally manipulated art. She is also an ardent student of the alchemical philosophy. Currently, she has been curated as an artist under the VISIBILITY banner in the premier electronic music exhibition – Expo Electro – at the Philharmonie de Paris.

Anil Ijeri

Anni Kumari

Anni Kumari is an Indian artist who reflects upon contemporary experiential realities- complexities of relationships, identities, and cultures by combining ideas of social anthropology with fractal geometry and functional mathematics. She studied Politics at Miranda House and Painting at the College of Art, Delhi University

Chandrahas Y Jalihal

His art works have been subject of my expressions. As student of Fine Art, at present as teacher, there has been great change and revelation in his art work. Art work as creative entity, it is been under regular metamorphosis of ideas, visuals that are used and being used in my art works. He is greatly fascinated and have been keen observer of the nature and surroundings. The image that has closely resulted in his imagination goes well with his creative process. 

The forms and figures born out of his imagination. They are closely connected with the surroundings that he live. The fine arches and huge buildings of the Sultanate period in Gulbarga: the rich landscape in monsoon, the ups and downs of the vast green fields, recreating the feel of miniature paintings. The inner and outer space, their timelessness, and the vital colours inspire his art works. The paintings that I have been doing developed visual language that has deeply rooted with the tradition that he inherit. There are human values and sufferings simultaneously have gone through his memories. He indeed tried to bring in the various aspects of a human life as visual depiction. It contains the various aspects of the expressions and sufferings, yet enjoyment and bliss of a moment is experienced through mundane happenings.  The life and image have very basic vital idea here. The art work is like structure. It needs an attention from all possible angles. The forms that are keenly transformed as vital subjects have close narrative content. The forms in the paintings are catalyst to a story that has visual transformation. The composition is like a satire that has many folded stories within it. They have intense yet very humble stories to tell. In a way each painting is like story teller.

Daan Oude Elferink

Self-taught Dutch photographer Daan Oude Elferink (1978) travels the world to explore and capture the beauty of forbidden, decayed and abandoned places. Daan has always been drawn to adventure and even as a child you could find him often secretly playing in an abandoned factory, not knowing that years later he would be taking pictures of them. The places he visits are not open for the public and permission pretty much never is given, because the places are too dangerous. That’s why often Daan needs to go to the extreme to find a way in by climbing high walls, rooftops, crawling through tunnels, etc.

Daan’s limited edition artworks have been exhibited in art galleries and art fairs in more than 20 cities all over the world, including Miami (USA), New York (USA), Paris (France), London (UK), Stockholm (Sweden), Bangalore (India), Singapore and obviously his home country The Netherlands.

Daan has released three books: Urban Exploration & Photography (2010-2012), Gift of Time (2012-2014) and Touched by Time (2014-2016). Touched by Time won the “European Book Price of the year 2017” awarded by the Federation of European Photographers in Sicily.

Haribaabu Naatesan

His works are  DESIGN in ART form and vice versa. I call it a GREEN DESIGN, because this work of art involves DESIGN – a ‘reprocess’ of the waste materials around us. And, an ART – as to sensibly put things into places…to give a meaning to the creation. 

Hariram V

Harsh Nowlakha

Harsh Nowlakha: Harsh is an artist born and raised in Calcutta. He completed his BFA in Sculpture from the California College of Arts in San Francisco, California. Harsh is a process-based artist who has a keen sensitivity to materials and their innate qualities. In his studio practice he explores a variety of traditional materials and techniques such as textile weaving, ceramics, and glass making.

Harshit Aggarwal

Harshit is a new media artist and human computer interaction (HCI) researcher. Through his artwork, he wants to create experiences for people to explore and express with seemingly distant technologies like artificial intelligence/ machine learning, drones, digital fabrication, sensors, augmented reality and in the process invite people to reflect upon and re-evaluate their relationship with technology.

Jordan Sitzer

Jordan Sitzer. Is an artist born and raised in Los Angeles. He received his BFA in Glass from the California College of the Arts in San Francisco, California. Having grown up by the Ocean and sailing the California coastline Jordan looks to the sea for inspiration. The sense of freedom that one has when they are in the sea is a story that the artist tells through his work.

Pierre Poulain

Pradeep Kumar D M

R M Palaniappan

An alumnus of the Govt. College of Fine Arts (Paintings and Post graduation in Industrial Design Ceramic); studied advanced Lithography in Tamarind Institute (USA) during 1991 and was the Artist in Residence at the Oxford University in 1996. His works are in prestigious collections including National Gallery of Modern Art & Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi; British Museum & Victoria Albert Museum- London; Oxford University, Oxford;etc

Rekha Krishnamurthy

Sruthi S Kumar

Venugopala H S

Studied painting and graphics initially at the Ken School of Arts , Bengaluru & subsequently at faculty of fine arts MS University Baroda and obtained Diploma in painting with first class, winner of 16th Karnataka State Lalitha Kala annual exhibition award. His works have been exhibited in many group shows such as “Art of integrity“,”Chita Yatra” including Kala Mela & show at Jahangir Art Gallery. Taken part in several national level exhibition like regional art exhibitions “Print Today”, “National Art exhibition” and also taken part in international exhibitions.

The nature’s images are the main source of H.S Venugopal’s Works. This landscape series which is made on paper and canvas surface. The different curred course development of trees their different shapes, unique wrenches have made the artist think differently.They are the most vital sound of the works making them subject to the feelings of life.It is a part of the struggle in society and the stability of the conflictor.

Art writer, Columnist and curator Mr.Giridhar Khasnis is a freelancer describes his works has “Venugopala’s scapes pay homage to solitary trees in woods and forests.The artist is enamoured by their majestic presence, seen in conjunction with the scent of the soil,weight of the air and hums of silect jungle. His contemplative sketches and colours yearn to clasp every nerve and pore of the robust trees while absorbing the serenity, stillness and spiritual depth.His large-scale yet meaningfully minimalistic paintings follow Rabindrananth Tagore’s dictum:’Trees are the earth’s endless effort to speak to the listening heaven.’

Vijit Pillai

Rupak Munje

Rupak Munje born with autism, is growing in the hands of Canbridge and WeCAN Chennai where he is being grooming holistically. Rupak has come a long way despite struggling in every aspect of life, especially being a non-verbal, he has become professional Artist and Weaver. He started his training under American art therapist, Melissa Enderle and since then has been mentored by his father Rajendra Munje. Today he is known as a ‘Unusual abstract artist’. He has created more than 170 paintings and 36 shows, in art galleries in India. And has been a presence in art galleries like Mojarto, Kairassi, Art-Vault & Not Just Art Global & Your Masrerpieces online.

His paintings have also been appreciated the world over on social media. And the art lovers from India, America, Canada, the UK, Australia and other parts of the world, have given his paintings a home in their hearts. Helping him transform from Autistic to Artistic and unfolding his Innite Autistic Mysteries for all of us through his canvas! Rupak’s extraordinary talent is not only inspiring the world but also helping nd his sister and dad their bliss! and energy to his mother Ranjana Munje for devoting herself to what he has become. His paintings has showcsed at prestigious Lalit Kala Academy Chennai, Chennai Railway Museum Art Gallery, Dravidia Gallery Fort Kochi in association with Kochi Biennale Foundation, Chitrakala Parishath Bagalore and eCAPA -STIR Gallery Delhi.

Rupak also did Walkathon with Kargil War Hero and India’s 1st Blade Runner Major D P Singh at India Inclusion Summit Bangalore and Chennai.

Sanjna Srikanth

Sanjna Srikanth is a young artist, diagnosed with Autism, known for her spontaneous art expressions of pure, brilliant colors and simple, abstract forms. Sanjna is extremely creative and uses mediums such as water colour, charcoal, dry pastel, oil pastel, pen, ink and acrylic paints with equal élan. Over the years, her work has evolved in terms of boldness of the lines she uses, compositions and force of dynamism in her artistic manifestations. 

Shoeb Dastagir

Artist . Animator . Sculptor. Song Writer.

Shoeb Dastagir gets his inspiration from nature and the profound silence of creation. His art depicts dream like sequences that leave the viewer both intriqued and spellbound at the same time. A student of Chitrakala Parishat he was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 2006 but hasn’t let his diagnosis serve as an impediment, instead his art is truly a manifestation of a uniquely fertile and creative mind.

His paintings depict colours often masquerading as each other, highlighting at times the artificialness of art itself. Ranging from technical odd colours… to warm earthy tones… to submissive melancholic notes….exploring soft ideas as they turn to harsh reality. The swirls of paint containing the lush mesmerizing memory of freshness in pigments fascinate him. Each canvas depicts a combination of whimsical characters from his imagination and a world of fantasy that somehow speak to you.

 He has held exhibitions at the Belaku Gallery ,Rangoli Metro Art Centre MG Road Bangalore Mystique – A solo exhibition of 25 paintings (Oct 2nd – Oct 5th 2016 )Ember stack – first solo exhibition 35 paintings (Oct 22nd – Oct 25th 2015).

  He has been featured in several news paper articles-“An artists brush with schizophrenia is no hurdle”Sunday Times Oct 25th 2015 page6 by Aditi Sequeria.”It is all in the mind and art”Bangalore Mirror dated Oct 25th 2015 Sunday page 1 and 2 by Rakesh.Prakash@timesgroup. “Unconquerable spirit “Deccan chronicle dated 26th Oct 2015 Monday Vol8 No152 by R.Samuel.

 He is inspired by the art of Marcel Duchamp and other artists like Salvador Dali, Ganesh Pyne & Gaugin .He uses different mediums to express himself working with oils, acrylics, pastels, animation and mixed media sculptures. He usually works on different paintings at a time… whenever there is an explosion of ideas. 

His work invites the viewer to move into a world of fantasy and delve into the beauty that he sees in his world. 

Film Bengaluru is a film festival organized in partnership with the UNESCO MGIEP focusing on the theme of “Kindness Matters”. Kindness goes a long way in making life a joyful experience. “Kindness Matters” is not just an idea but an experience that makes us human. So why not showcase this with your creativity and vision on cinema?


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Art Bengaluru, over the last seven editions, has defined the face of Contemporary Art & Culture in Bangalore. The Art Festival brings together a mélange of reputed artists and their works from across the world in an effort to increase art appreciation in the city and encourage fresh thinking.

Organizing an event of this scale wouldn’t be possible without a strong support system, for which credit goes to Prestige Group, Sublime Galleria & The Collection at UB City.


Art Bengaluru, South India’s only Contemporary Art Festival takes place each year at Bangalore’s favorite destination – UB City, which is centrally located in the business district of the city.

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