Art Bengaluru is one of South India’s leading festivals of the arts. Over the last 7 editions, we’ve endeavoured to raise appreciation and awareness of the arts in all its forms –– from painting, sculpture, installations and photography, to music, dance and other performing art forms.

From showcasing established global and local artists, to serving as a platform for emerging artists and galleries from around the world, Art Bengaluru has always inspired. And this year, we’re looking to up the ante.

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When ?

2nd – 30th November 2019
11:00 AM to 09:00 PM

Where ?

UB CITY, #24, Vittal Mallya Road, Bangalore – 560 001
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Artists / Exhibitors

Showcasing the diversity of art across people, places and mediums with 17 artists, whose works will be in display all through the 2018 edition of the festival.

From steel sculpture to video installations, abstract photography to mixed media paintings, Art Bengaluru 2018 proudly showcases over 100 works of art.

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Curatorial Note

The art is here for the public and the public is here for the art.

Art in India still sorely lacks the awareness, appreciation and support that it receives internationally. Inconsistent governmental support and a lack of pro-art public policy, a dearth of quality galleries, museums and public art spaces, and only a handful of accessible art education institutions create a dynamic where art is largely misunderstood or ignored by the public. While the last decade has seen some positive development on this front, we are still a ways away from meaningfully bringing art to the masses and creating a society that is aware of, and takes pride in, the art and artists of their country.

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Events / Workshops

Workshops to offer a variety of imaginative and innovative hands-on creative sessions for artists, crafters, and makers of all abilities and skill levels.

We are committed to providing experiences that bring discovery and wonder through our Events and Performances.


Art Bengaluru, over the last seven editions, has defined the face of Contemporary Art & Culture in Bangalore. The Art Festival brings together a mélange of reputed artists and their works from across the world in an effort to increase art appreciation in the city and encourage fresh thinking.

Organizing an event of this scale wouldn’t be possible without a strong support system, for which credit goes to Prestige Group, Sublime Galleria & The Collection at UB City.


Art Bengaluru, South India’s only Contemporary Art Festival takes place each year at Bangalore’s favorite destination – UB City, which is centrally located in the business district of the city.

Abhishek Naidu
+91 98457 18661

Vinod Ramaswamy
+91 97396 76776
UB CITY, #24, Vittal Mallya Road, Bangalore – 560 001 +080 43744869

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