Art Bengaluru is South India’s leading contemporary Art Festival, and 2018 see the festival in its 8th year. One of the most reputed Art Festivals in India, Art Bengaluru has been created to showcase a wide spectrum of art forms and provide a platform for artists (both Indian and International) to exhibit their works. The festival, at its core, comprises of four distinct verticals – Art, Performance Art, Workshops and Speaking Sessions.

When ?
2nd - 11th November 2018
09:00 AM to 11:00 PM
Where ?
UB CITY, #24, Vittal Mallya Road,
Bangalore - 560 001

Artists / Exhibitors

Showcasing the diversity of art across people, places and mediums with 15+ artists, whose works will be in display all through the 2018 edition of the festival. Please click on their respective images to find out more about them and their planned exhibits.

Kavitha Jaiswal
Kavita Jaiswal began her journey as an Artist in the 1980’s. From the recognisable form for several years, was born the essence of the real when abstraction became the matrix of her work. An artist who has worked with several media and has expressed herself in the still as well as the moving image in drawing, paintings, photography, video, Kavita, continues with her quest of over 30 years, each time engaging with her search for what is it that makes everything happen.
Kavita Jaiswal lives and works in Gurgaon Delhi.
Saju Kunhan
Saju Kunhan (b. 1983) began his artistic training in his home state of Kerala, at the Government College of Fine Art, Thrissur. After receiving his BFA degree, he went on to pursue his MFA in painting from the Sir J.J. School of Art, Mumbai. In 2014, Kunhan received a Post-Graduate Diploma degree in Museology and Conservation from CSMVS Museum, Mumbai.
Rohaan Sulaiman
S Ravi Shankar
Born in 1960 in Chennai and grown up in Triplicane. Triplicane is one of the most beautiful of all suburbs in Chennai, situated about ½ a km away from the sea coast. Ravi admits that he wasn’t naturally drawn to art as a child. There was ‘no burning desire’. His elder brother, Bhavani, meanwhile became a student of his father, artist, C.L. Subramanyam. Ravi was aimed to be an engineer. This was thought to provide the family with sturdy financial support. Ravi’s mind however was elsewhere. Ravi remembers fondly the fishermen’s children in the area; the wonder he felt as he was told of their fishing adventures at sea. It was the first imaginative door opened by Shankar. Little did he know that these real life/dream life experiences of a human’s personal world would one day be a feature of his art.
Gurudas Shenoy
Gurudas Shenoy is a well-known artist with a B.F.A. (Painting) from the Faculty of Fine arts, M.S. University, Baroda. With over two decades of art practice behind him, he has honed his skills and developed an inimitable style. Art historian and curator Lina Vincent observed, “The surfaces become a meeting point for the real and the abstract. The canvases seem to speak, spontaneously, when Shenoy’s brush comes in contact with them.”
Shenoy’s murals are par excellence and form prominent landmarks in numerous centres of the corporate world. He has also executed many installations, for corporate and private institutions and residences in India and abroad.
Balan Nambiar
Balan Nambiar is a painter, sculptor, enamellist, photographer and an academic researcher.
As a sculptor he worked with clay, fiberglass reinforced concrete, wood, bronze, mild steel and, since 2000, stainless steel, involving computer-generated designs and laser cutting technology.
Many of his works are outdoor sculptures, some of them monumental. Among these Reach for the Sky, 7 meters high, for the Bank Note Paper Mill in Mysuru, 2016 and The Sky is the Limit, 6.5 meters high for Indian Oil Corporation, New Delhi, 2010.
Romicon Revola
Romicon Revola a.k.a Romi is a contemporary visual artist based in Bangalore. She has experimented with a variety of media. Her work encompasses monumental public sculpture, installation, painting and video.
"My work often explores that mysterious, elusive space that lies between the utopian and the dystopian. While suggesting both an intimacy and a monumentality, my approach reflects the paradigm “the personal is the global". I believe that each one of us is a microcosm of the universe," says the artist.
Parvathi Nayar
Parvathi Nayar is a contemporary visual artist who has set up her studio in Chennai, after living, painting and working in cities such as Singapore, London and Jakarta. She plays an active role - and is deeply committed to supporting - the emerging renaissance of the contemporary in Chennai. She is best known for her videos and her complex drawing practices; and also engages with sculpture, painting and photography. Founder and member of art collective The Hashtag#Collective with architect Biju Kuriakose and Designer Abin Choudhuri.
Aashish Dubey
I am a Physicist by training with keen interest in Photography and Metaphysics. I have been teaching at the University level for over thirty years in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India. My work entails the area of Non Linear Optics for which I received my PhD in 1998. With my photography I have been able to raise the cause of conservation of dying wetlands. Homes of birds and reflections of heavens. These beautiful locales give the opportunity to capture those frames which exist very briefly during the intimate play of light. I look at photography to connect with the Supreme. As I believe that all art forms are an opportunity to engage with the unknown. Visit my publication page to explore on my photography, writings & photos of events.
Chandan Bhowmick
A Post graduate (MFA Painting) from Government College of art & craft Kolkata 2007. He has shown his excellence as a painter as well as Photographer. He has been interested in experimental work. It all starts with the brush caressing the canvas with or without paint on it, which makes the beginning of the everlasting long journey of discovering the unknown. Delving into the ocean of uncertainties. Isn't mystery a charm and a pleasure on its own?
Just being occupied with the formidable thoughts which flourish themselves on the canvas in their primitive forms of simplistic beauty to count on.
Devangana Kumar
Devangana is the Daughter of Meira Kumar, who is 2017 presidential candidate of opposite party. She is artist by profession and also a housewife. Her father Manjul Kumar is an Indian lawyer by profession. She went to Modern School, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi for her schooling. And pursued her college degree in Monash University, Australia.
Her hobbies are collecting of vintage items, especially old postcards.
Vipta Kapadia
There is something about distant hearing in ViptaKapadia’s landscapes- an immortalization of deep silence becoming the quintessence of primordial sounds. This makes her landscapes scripted with broad gestural lines and strokes that educe feminine energy. Fire for absolute resilience occupies her being while she engages in painting the vastness of these distant landscapes. Embodiment of black in diminishing grey comes as effortless as palpable green recedes into the ocher gold. The land begins to go deeper where the water ebbs and a lesser known village surfaces.
Ashu Gupta
Ashu Gupta’s enchanting pen and ink artworks, inspired by her love for doodling, are exquisite expressions of the artist’s love for nature. Made with patterns of intricate scribbles, circles and lines, Ashu’s landscapes and abstracts are layered and deep, offering the possibility for new interpretations each time one looks at them. Featuring mostly black and white compositions, Ashu’s subjects are always emphasized, with nothing to distract from the beauty of her stunning pieces. An emerging artist with all aesthetic style that’s both distinct and confident. Ashu Gupta works and lives in Bangalore.
She is a self taught artist and a qualified interior designer from N. I. F. D. And pursued her passion for art through her paintings.
Yuvan Bothysathavur
With a brimming interest in art, Yuvan trained himself under the famous J P Krishna to paint 50 feet portrait billboards of Actors for Tamil films & politicians. After receiving his MFA in fine arts he went on to have several group show and one man shows. He has travelled widely to Dubai, Belgium, France, Netherlands to do a study on the people living there which brought him to his current methodology of work and expression. He has received the Lalit Kala Akademi research scholarship 2010-11, Best College art, emerging artist award 2013 (residency in Scotland) and CIMA merit award 2014, Multiplicity of planes that stack up memories and selectivity of those memories to suit the current context and personalities that one is dealing with at the current moment, decides the urge in Yuvan to ‘Build’ his work. It is the conceptual vastness that allows him to clearly differentiate and establish a specific identity between his works though the nature of it is defined by a stern dictum.
Ganesh Selvaraj
Ganesh Selvaraj is one of the most talented and reflective artist-emerging in Chennai. Selvaraj is interested in the process of being and of making. His paintings are conceptual and yet suggest essential forms, or in some cases voids, evoking a meditation upon the most basic questions of human experience - perception of our own experience of the world around us. Ganesh Selvaraj has done his Bachelors and Masters in Fine arts from Chennai and Print Making from Edinburgh printmaker studio, UK. A recipient of numerous art awards and grands including Charles Wallace India Fellowship and Asia Pacific International art award, Seoul, Ganesh has participated in over 35 Group and Solo art exhibitions worldwide. His works can be found in many public and private collections in India and abroad.

Events / Workshops

The festival also comprises of various exciting musical events, performance art & more creative workshops.

Workshops to offer a variety of imaginative and innovative hands-on creative sessions for artists, crafters, and makers of all abilities and skill levels.
We are committed to providing experiences that bring discovery and wonder through our Events and Performances.
To join us in the event, Please fill in your details.


Art Bengaluru, over the last seven editions, has defined the face of Contemporary Art & Culture in Bangalore. The Art Festival brings together a mélange of reputed artists and their works from across the world in an effort to increase art appreciation in the city and encourage fresh thinking.

Organizing an event of this scale wouldn’t be possible without a strong support system, for which credit goes to Prestige Group, Sublime Galleria & The Collection at UB City.

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Art Bengaluru, South India’s only Contemporary Art Festival takes place each year at Bangalore’s favorite destination – UB City, which is centrally located in the business district of the city.

The place is easily accessible by road, so you could get here either using the city’s bus services, auto rickshaws, cab services or in your own private transport.

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